Cooks Information

Contest Categories


Red Chili-with NO beans 

1st  $400 *  2nd  $100 *  3rd  $75          

Verde (Green) Chili-with NO beans 

1st  $150 *  2nd  $100 *  3rd  $50 

Homestyle-may include beans, rice  potatoes etc.    

1st  $150 *  2nd  $100 *  3rd  $50 

Chili Prepared Onsite


Cooks will prepare and start cooking at the same time after attending a cooks meeting with our head ICS judge.

Cooks can compete in more than one category for example-Red chili and Verde.

Basic Rules


Cooks must follow safe food preparation guidelines. Information and requirements of the Hancock County Health Dept. will be sent in the registration packets.  Standard requirements will apply.  

Cooking may be done by teams.  Each team must have at least 1 ICS registered cook.

Cooking Requirements


Cooks supply thier own cooking implements, cutting boards, heat sources, and recipes.  Electric is available at the site.

Chili Pot Entry Fee


Cooks who bring 2 gallons of people's choice chili can have their entry fee waived. This can be served at any time-even after you turn in your judging cups.  Peoples Choice based on highest # of tickets.  The more chilli you have the better your chance of winning

International Chili Society


Red Hot in Hancock is sanctioned by the International Chili Society as a District Event.  Winners can advance to the 2020 Chili Nationals. 

Cooks must pay a one cook-off $10 fee to become an ICS cook online at .

Themes & Showmanship

Be sure to pick a theme and decorate your cooking area.  We give an award for showmanship!  Interact with the crouwd and it could be you!

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